Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should we use your company over the other companies in the area? 

A: Our company takes pride in servicing our clients and their needs. We also take pride in our work, this is why we invest not only in our equipment but our training and certifications year to year with UAMMC which is a leading member only Mobile Cleaning Organization.   It helps to stay on top of the new technologies and products available along with networking with other professional contractors all over the world. 

  We stay on top of the industry and help lead the industry in our service area. We offer several techniques available to properly and safely get the job done. Other companies may only offer one technique.  Not only this, we are Licensed and Insured giving our clients the comfort and ease that they’re in the best hands available. 

We’ve also recently been the proud recipient of Angie’s List 2016 Super Service Award only given to the top companies within Angie’s List. 

Q: What is the difference between Pressure Washing & Softwashing? 

A: Pressure washing is the traditional method to clean exterior surfaces and concrete surfaces using high PSI upwards to 4,000 PSI.  This process is ideal mostly for concrete cleaning only and even then, we don’t use that much pressure.  Using high pressure on exterior can cause damage, leaks and only removes the surface stain leaving behind the roots/spores of algae and mold, resulting in faster growth.

Softwashing, as it sounds, is using low pressure to clean many exterior surfaces such as Vinyl, Wood, Stucco/Dryvit, Roofs & More.  Using the softwash method is much safer for your Home or Business exterior. Results in less issues like: Chipped paint, damaged siding, leaks around the window seals or doors & more.


Q:  Do I need to be home for you to clean my property? 

A:  No. We can clean your property without you needing to be home. We understand sometimes work and other things won’t allow you to be home when we’re scheduled.  We ask that you just mention this so we can make sure to inform you on things like: Leaving gates unlocked for access to areas we need to clean, removing items that cannot get wet or other knickknacks from under porches,etc

Q: How Can I Pay? 

A: We make it easy for our customers to pay their bill. We accept Cash, Checks or Debit/Credit. You can pay your bill online securely from our website using Paypal.  You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay, just simply use your Debit/Credit card.

Q:  Are Your Products Safe For My Pets or Environment? 

A:  Yes, we use 100% biodegradable and safe products for most of our applications. There are times we have to use stronger/caustic products to properly clean but we’re highly trained in maintaining these situations and wear the proper PPE.


Q:  What Services Do You Offer? 

A: We offer Residential & Commercial Services: Exterior washing, roof washing, spotless window cleaning, concrete cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, wood fence and deck restoration, gutter cleaning and system flushing, gutter brightening, rust removal & More.