Window Cleaning

Spotless Pure Water Window Cleaning

 We offer spotless window cleaning services for Residential & Commercial.  We use a system called Water Fed Pole, WFP for short.  This is a system designed for window cleaning alone for high points using a pole and brush system that gently sprays out pure water giving the windows the freshest look possible.  

Not only will this process of using a brush and pure water leave your windows spotless every time, there is no chemicals needed for this service! 


Benefits of using Pure Water System

  • Windows stay cleaner longer
  • No chemicals are used
  • Frames and windows are cleaned
  • Windows with limited access because of obstructions, awnings and solar panels are reached with ease
  • Windows can be cleaned effectively up to 3 stories from the ground
  • No need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts
  • We work safely from the ground
  • Maintains privacy with reduced disturbance
  • WFP cleaning saves you money